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OlyBet affiliate program

If you own a homepage, blog, forum or any other kind of website and you would like to start earning money through it, all you need to do is join a OlyBet affiliate program and start promoting Sports, Casino and/or Poker related products and OlyBet will give you up to 45% of commission.


OlyBet affiliate program will help you generate additional income with minimal effort. An exceptionally high profit structure coupled with timely and convenient monthly payments make OlyBet affiliate program an extremely attractive and profitable Affiliate option.

Whether you manage a large website or a small one, this is an opportunity for you to make thousands of euros every month with minimal effort. When visitors of your website will make an new account at OlyBet and make a first deposit you will earn an commission through it.

We offer the most generous affiliate program in the Internet Gaming industry today, allowing you to earn up to 45% of commission every month.

Hosting a wide variety of industry leading casino, poker and sportsbetting platforms from Microgaming, Playtech, Net Entertainment, Bet Construct and iForium, the OlyBet affiliate program guarantees one of the best conversion ratios on the web!

What does joining OlyBet affiliate program give me?

Joining the OlyBet Affiliate program gives you:

  • Personal affiliate manager and fast communication.
  • Unlimited earnings. There is absolutely no limit to the amount of money you can make. The more profitable traffic you send month to month, the more you earn. Profit is calculated from new depositing players (monthly) and also depends on how profitable total players are.
  • The best conversion ratio in the online gaming industry. To check it out for yourself, simply open an account at OlyBet. Our platform provides players with an online multimedia extravaganza of casino, sports and poker which are also very easy to use. We have fine-tuned our platform to create a moneymaking machine where you win when we win.
  • Fair Play and True Odds - We guarantee fair, true and fast payouts.
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After registering an affiliate account your application will be reviewed. You will be notified by email regarding the outcome within the next 5 working days. If you are approved, you will be contacted with our affiliate manager for further details and setup.

If you have any questions or want to double check some terms, do not hesitate to contact us: affiliates@olybet.com

By signing up as affiliate partner, you will automatically accept OlyBet Terms & Conditions.

Terms & Conditions

OlyBet („Operator“) is in the business of producing, marketing and promoting online gaming services (the "Service"), which are accessed on the Internet through the use of a personal gaming account.
The company or a person ("Affiliate") desires to obtain from Operator the non-exclusive right and license to advertise, market and promote the Service and the Operator Affiliate Program. Operator shall reimburse the Affiliate for these promotional services in accordance with the following terms and conditions:
1. Grant of Promotion and Distribution License
1.1. Operator grants the Affiliate the non-exclusive, non-transferable right and license to advertise, market and promote the Service in accordance with the terms and conditions hereof. All other rights and licenses not expressly granted to the Affiliate herein are reserved by Operator.

2. Obligations of Operator
2.1. Operator shall retain the right to provide the Service and operate its Affiliate Program in any form Operator deems appropriate; and retains the right to change any part of the Service, at any time and in any manner Operator deems appropriate, and make alterations to its Affiliate Program without prior notice to the Affiliate. However, any strategic change of policy towards the Affiliate, such as the cancellation of any part of the Service at any time, shall be made with prior notice to the Affiliate.
2.2. Operator shall retain the right to cancel any part of the Service or alter and/or close its Affiliate Program at any time and in any manner Operator deems appropriate. However, should Operator wish to cancel any promotion rights because of any failure or breach of these Terms and Conditions on behalf of the Affiliate, Operator shall give the Affiliate notice of this fact in order to give the Affiliate the opportunity to make desired modifications. Cancellation shall be effective seven (7) days after notice of cancellation to the Affiliate unless the desired modifications have been made and/or other terms have been agreed upon within this seven-day period.
2.3. Notwithstanding the terms of these Terms and Conditions, Operator shall not be held responsible or liable for any loss of income, or loss of the ability to produce income, incurred by the Affiliate; even if such losses should arise from the inability of Operator to deliver the Service and/or operate its Affiliate Program as stipulated in these Terms and Conditions for any reason whatsoever, whether Operator is at fault or whether a third party is at fault.

3. Obligations for the Affiliate
3.1. The Affiliate shall use its best efforts to actively and effectively advertise, market and promote the Service and, optionally, the Affiliate Program as widely as possible so as to maximize the benefit to the Affiliate and to Operator.
3.2 The Affiliate shall make everything so players would be as active players in Operator (simple login once in a while does not count). If player who have came to Operator through Affiliate are inactive for 6 months then Operator have rights to remove player from being tagged to the Affiliate.
3.3. The Affiliate shall engage only in advertising, marketing and promotional efforts which do not violate any law, and which reflect positively upon the business reputation of Operator. In particular, the Affiliate agrees to market the Service and, optionally, the Affiliate Program in a manner that is consistent with the content and style of the Service. In connection therewith, Operator shall have the right to review and approve the manner and methods of advertising, marketing and promotion used by the Affiliate in connection with the Service and the Affiliate Program. Approval shall not be unreasonably withheld.
3.4. Approval may be withheld if Operator determines, in its sole discretion, that the activities of the Affiliate would tend to impair or reduce the value of the goodwill and business reputation of Operator and/or would expose Operator to legal liability.
3.5. Notwithstanding the approval by Operator given in accordance with section 3.2 of these Terms and Conditions, Operator shall under no circumstances be held liable for. Affiliate shall indemnify, defend and hold Operator harmless against any and all claims asserted against Operator by reason of the Affiliate's marketing and promotional efforts. The Affiliate shall bear all costs and expenses incurred in connection with the advertising, marketing and promotion of the Service and/or the Affiliate Program; including without limitation, all costs directly related to marketing.

4. Promotional Spend Rules
4.1. Affiliates shall not in any offer, promotion or advertising use phrases such as “the best rakeback deal on the Poker Network” or “the best Loyalty Program and Loyalty Shop on the Poker Network”, or any equivalent or like terms or phrases which have the same implied or intended meaning.
4.2. Affiliates shall not directly or indirectly provide or offer to provide Rakeback to Players and any and all Rakeback payments must be made by a Operator.

5.  Partnership methods
5.1. Non-resident legal entity (a company which not registered in Estonia):
Affiliate account must be registered as a company. Invoices are sent from the company and must have noted 0% VAT. Invoices will be paid by bank or e-wallet transfer to the company account. Operator must pay Estonian VAT 20% in addition to the invoice and therefore 20% will be withheld from the Affiliate revenue.
5.2. Resident legal entity (a company registered in Estonia):
Affiliate account must to be registered as a company. Revenue share invoices must be issued with 20% VAT inclusive (if applicable for the company). Invoices will be paid by bank or e-wallet transfer to the company account.
5.3. Non-resident private person (person who’s permanent residence is not in Estonia):
Affiliate account needs to be registered with personal details. Affiliate account owner must issue an invoice on his/her persnal name. On the invoice Affiliate must declare that all taxes will be paid by himself/herself in the country where he/she is resident. Invoices will be paid out to a personal bank account or to e-wallet account.
5.4. Private person from Estonia:
Affiliate account needs to be registered with a personal details and private person casual work contract will be made for such person. As combined taxes are about 56% of the calculated Affiliate net revenues, the net income arriving to Affiliate bank account will approximately 44% of the calculated Affiliate net income.

6. Payment of Affiliate Revenue
6.1 Operator shall pay the Affiliate Affiliate Revenue as specified below. The Affiliate Revenue share percentage is calculated every month based on the number of monthly affiliated New Customers in Operator software. New Customers shall mean customers who do not yet have, and have not had an account in Operator’s software, who sign up using Affiliate code in registration form and make at least one real money transfer into their gaming account.
6.2 The Affiliate Revenue is calculated as a percentage share of the Operator’s Net Revenue generated from all the customers referred by the certain Affiliate. Net revenue is calculated with negative revenue carryover, so negative revenue share is always carried over as next month baseline. 
6.3. The Net Revenue calculation formula is following:
Net Revenue = [(Poker rakes amount + Poker tournament fees amount – Poker redeemed loyalty points and bonuses amount) * Poker weight] + [(Casino bets amount – Casino wins amount – Casino redeemed bonuses and loyalty points amount) * Casino weight] + [(Sportsbetting bets amount – Sportsbetting wins amount – Sportsbetting redeemed loyalty points and bonuses amount) * Sportsbetting weight]
6.4. The Affiliate Revenue share % for each month is calculated based on affiliated New Customers as follows:

Number of New Customers per month

Affiliate's Net Revenue share

0 - 2

10% of the Net Revenue

3 - 6

15% of the Net Revenue

7 - 10

20% of the Net Revenue

11 - 16

25 % of the Net Revenue

17 - 25

30% of the Net Revenue

26 - 40

35% of the Net Revenue

41 - 59

40% of the Net Revenue

60 +

45% of the Net Revenue

6.5. Operator will pay the Affiliate Revenue based on monthly invoice or casual work contract.
6.6. The Affiliate understands and accepts that the size of the Affiliate Revenue percentage will vary from time to time depending on how many New Customers are affiliated to the Operator during each calendar month.
6.7 The commission is calculated at the beginning (first 7 days) of the new calendar month for the previous month and will be automatically reported to all Affiliates whose affiliate revenue exceeds €100. All payouts are processed within 14 days upon receiving an invoice by e-mail. For detailed statistics Affiliate needs to ask it from the Operator’s Affiliate Manager.
6.8 Payment of commissions are made only to bank account or e-wallet account Affiliate has provided on registration form. The minimum payout level is 100 Euro. If the Affiliate revenue due is lower than the minimum payout level, the Affiliate revenue will be transferred to the following month. Operator shall have a right to request mistakenly overpaid amounts to be refunded or deduct them from outstanding payment obligations.
6.9 If the Affiliate disagrees with the balance due as reported, it shall send an email to the Operator at affiliates@olybet.com or such other email address as notified in writing by the Operator to the Affiliate and indicate the reasons of such dispute.
6.10 The Affiliate revenue share is inclusive of any and all taxes, including but not limited to value added tax. The Affiliate is solely responsible for the payment of any and all taxes, fees, charges and any other money payable or due both locally and abroad to any tax authority and/ or any other authority as a result of the revenue generated under this Agreement.
6.11 All payments shall be made in Euro or in such other currency that may be determined by the Operator and regardless of the currency of the Affiliate’s home country.
6.12 The Operator has the right to withhold any and/or all payments to the Affiliate if the Affiliate is in breach of any of the provisions of this Agreement.
6.13 Any commissions paid to the Affiliate by the Company hereunder shall represent the Affiliate’s sole remuneration for its activities under the Agreement. Hence except as otherwise expressly agreed in writing, all expenses incurred by the Affiliate when carrying out the rights and obligations under this Agreement shall be deemed to be covered by the commission provided for in this Agreement. The Affiliate is responsible for all obligations and costs in connection with the performance of this Agreement.
6.14 The Affiliate confirmes that the promotional services will be rendered outside of the territory of the Republic of Estonia.

7. Term of Duration and Cancellation
7.1. Operator has the right to cancel promotion rights with immediate effect if the Affiliate is in material breach of these Terms and Conditions. Such breach includes, but is not limited to, situations when the Affiliate engages in advertising, marketing, distribution and promotional efforts that would impair the goodwill and business reputation of Operator or would expose Operator to legal liability.
7.2. Upon the cancellation of promotion rights, the Affiliate shall immediately return to Operator any and all materials, over which Operator has a proprietary right, that are in the Affiliate's possession and/or in the possession of the Affiliate's agents, servants and employees. The Affiliate shall also immediately remove any hyperlinks and materials, over which Operator has a proprietary right, from the Affiliate's web site and/or the web sites of the Affiliate's agents.
7.3. Users that utilize the facilities and services of Operator and all information relating to such Users, shall remain the property of Operator at all times.
7.4. If the new clients brought in by affiliate are winning poker players, also known as "sharks", then Operator has the right to reduce Affiliate poker revenue share weight down to 50%. If the new clients bought in by the Affiliate are mostly "sharks" with a very few regular or losing players then Operator has the right to reduce Affiliate poker revenue share weight down to 0%.

8. Exclusivity, Non-Competition and Ownership of Service name
8.1. The Affiliate agrees, understands and acknowledges that Operator may enter into agreements of this type with third parties to promote the Service or a similar version thereof.
8.2. The Affiliate has not paid for the use of the trademarks, logos, copyrights, trade names or designations belonging to Operator, and nothing contained in these Terms and Conditions shall give the Affiliate any right to, title to or interest in any of them.
8.3. The Affiliate acknowledges that Operator owns and retains all copyrights and other proprietary rights, as well as any software supplied by Operator, in all of the foregoing. The Affiliate shall not assert any claim or interest in any trademark, trade name, copyright, service mark or logo belonging or licensed to Operator, or do anything to adversely affect their validity or enforceability. This includes any act or assistance in any act that may infringe upon, or lead to the infringement of, any software copyright.
8.4. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing terms, the Affiliate shall not itself attempt, or assist any third party in attempting, to register any trademark, trade name or other proprietary right with any governmental agency (federal, provincial, local or otherwise) or with any other entity or authority without the express, unequivocal and unambiguous prior written consent of Operator. The Affiliate shall not attach any additional trademarks, logos or trade designations to the Software; and shall ensure that none of the trademarks (or any variations thereof) appear in any portion of the Affiliate's name or any name under which the Affiliate conducts business. The Affiliate shall not affix a trademark, logo or trade name of Operator to any non-Operator product. The Affiliate shall not alter, erase, deface or overprint any notice of proprietary rights on anything provided by Operator.

9. Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure
The Affiliate and Operator each agree that each may have access to, and become acquainted with, confidential information of the other. The Affiliate and Operator each specifically agree not to misuse, misappropriate or disclose any such confidential information, directly or indirectly, to any third party.

10. Representations, Warranties and Indemnity
10.1. The Affiliate warrants, represents and covenants to Operator that that it has all necessary rights, licenses, permissions and business permits; and will comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations in connection with promoting the Service and/or the Operator Affiliate Program to Users and others.
10.2. The Affiliate agrees to indemnify and render Operator harmless against claims, liabilities, causes of action, damages, judgments, costs and expenses arising out of, or in any way connected with, any breach or alleged breach by the Affiliate of any representation, warranty or agreement contained in this Section 9 or elsewhere in these Terms and Conditions.

11. Governing Law
This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Estonia.