Responsible Gaming

Gaming is a fun and exciting entertainment and it provides a most thrilling experience. Gambling is an attractive option if you want take risk and try your luck. It is safe as long as the risk-taking is kept under control. Most of casino visitors enjoy this kind of entertainment without any problems, but there are a small number of people who lose any kind of control over their lives. In a winning phase they can believe that they are able to influence the results of the game, while being completely convinced in the losing phase that their luck will turn soon. 

Play sensibly!

Gambling can be addictive and can be diagnosed as an impulse control disorder, but at the same time this kind of emotional disorder is treatable. Most people keep their gaming under control and they are not in danger of becoming compulsive gamblers. Various studies have shown that the number of compulsive gamblers is about 5-10 percent of frequent casino visitors.

Compulsive gambler

When does a player become an addict? This is the point where the private life of a compulsive gambler suffers because of the passion for gambling. There are numerous simple tests that help identify the gambling compulsion by assessing the symptoms of compulsive behaviour. Signs indicating a disorder include the person’s inability to stop gambling, borrowing money for gambling, regarding money not as means for living, but as gaming supplies; changes in the character of the player, lying and secrecy, regretting gambling and being ashamed of it, risking one’s employment, family, significant relationships etc. for the sake of gambling.

Setting limits

Cashier -> Account Limits

Loss limit allows every player to set the maximum loss limit per calendar day. Sometimes player emotions rule the clear mind and losing money can cause chasing the loss with higher bets. Such behaviour often ends up with even bigger loss and disappointment in the game.

Player has always a possibility to change the loss limit, but it takes effect accordingly:

  • Changing the limit to more restrictive takes effect immediately
  • Changing the limit to less restrictive takes effect 48h after the change.

General Gambling Exclusion is implemented by Estonian Tax and Customs Board (ETCB) according to the legislation of Estonian Republic. There are three ways to apply for exclusion from gambling:

  • Through X-road (the state portal by logging in with ID-card or internet bank
  • Physically in ETCB service center.
  • Physically in Olympic Casino Estonia land based casinos

More information about general gambling exclusion can be found from Estonian Tax and Customs Board website

Where to get help?

MTÜ Eesti Hasartmängusõltlaste Ühing 
Tel. 563 54 590 
Endla 4, 6th floor, Tallinn

Hasartmängusõltuvuse Nõustamiskeskus
Tel. 15410

Some websites dedicated to responsible gaming: